Honors and Standards

1. Quality Management System of ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008; as the first Iranian company in rotomolding industry (2004 & 2009)
2. Food Safety Management System of ISO 22000:2005
3. the Iranian Superior Industrial Unit (2007, 2010, 2012, 2013)
4. Khadem-e San’at appreciation (2011)
5. The Best Employers appreciation from the Iranian Social Security Organization (2011)
6. Appreciation award as a leading industrial unit of Mazandaran Province (2013)
7. holding the Iran National Standard
8. The Excellent Image of Enterprise international award by publishing institute of Actualidad (2009)
9. FDA license by Ministry of health and Medical Education for the production of PE tanks (2010)
10. Registration and ownership of several inventions and designs in the rotational molding industry
11. Honorary Membership in the Association of Plastics Industry of Tehran Province
12. Permanent membership in Association of Rotational Molders in USA (ARM) since 2007
13. Membership in Association of research and development of Iran Industries & Mines
14. The Iranian member of the Affiliation of Rotational Moulding Organisations (ARMO)
15. The Iranian member of the Society of Asian Rotomoulders (StAR)
16. Member of the Association of Plastics Industries

Tabarestan Plastic Complex (TPC) was founded in 1996 and started to operate in 1998. It’s located in an area of 8500 square meters in the north of Iran in the historical and flourishing city of Sari. Qualitative approaches, respect for the customers, special attention to human resources and investment in research and development have accelerated the growth of the company and its advantage in various professional areas. With increasing customer awareness of the quality in rotational molding industry, their attention to TPC products has risen. It encouraged the company’s managers to speed up the development production line and increase the production capacity.

Therefore, in 2001, with the aim of supplying the market demands in the south of Iran and reducing transportation costs, a development plan implemented in the city of Shiraz in an area of 9100 square meters. This branch of TPC is currently active and operating as the first Rotational Molding industrial unit in the south of Iran. In 2003, the first development project of Sari unit came into operation. In the same year, the motivation to provide guaranteed quality products, efficient use of processes and strict conformity of products with the demands of customers, led to an attitude growth in the company in designing and implementing processes based on an international standard.


Focus on identify, assessment and implement a development plan in order to improve the process in technology field, In 2006, led to be imported a modern and advanced production line equipped with a world-class technology to Iran from a leading global company, so that the TPC Sari No. 2 site launched in a land area of 17,000 square meters started to run. In the same year, the R & D unit of the company was equipped with the only rotomolding laboratory machine in Iran. In 2009, the first plastics rotational molding machine with the automatic control system and the rotary oven was constructed by the TPC engineering team. In 2011, the managers of TPC established Tabarestan Fara-sanat Complex with the goal of manufacturing a variety of rotational molding machines, molds and all accessories for this industry. Two new development projects were also implemented in the cities of Sari and Shiraz.


These projects led to increase the company’s production capacity more than ever. After the cooperation of TPC engineers in edition of the national standard for the production of polyethylene tanks, the company obtained the national standard of Iran in 2014. In 2016, the Isfahan branch of the company was established to supply the market demands in middle of Iran and reduce transportation costs. In the same year, the extrusion blow molding production line of multi-layer open top and tight head drums - the first one in Iran - was established in Sari site. TPC currently is the largest manufacturer of plastics goods by rotomolding method in iran with more than 250 human resources, 12 production lines and production capacity of over 10,000 tons per year.

The board of directors

Mohammad Ali Golestani: the member of the Board of Directors and the CEO

Mechanical engineer (B.S), graduated from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), more than 30 years of experience in rotomolding)

Gholam-Reza Rasoulian: the Chairman of the Board

B.S in Mechanical Engineering, graduated from Sharif University of Technology. With over 30 years experience in the industrial activities. The CEO of Tabarestan Steel Foundry

Ali-Reza Mobarrez: the member of the board of directors

Financier (B.S), graduated from Mazandaran University, with more than 30 years work experience in financial activities, financial director of Tabarestan Steel Foundry

Abdulhussein Shakeri: the Member of the Board

B.S in Physics from Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz with more than 30 years experience in industrial activities, Deputy CEO of Tabarestan Steel Foundry

Executive managers

Seyyed Sadegh Sahraie: Technical Manager

B.S in Electronic engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, M.S of Industrial Engineering from Industrial Management Organization, CEO of Tabarestan Fara-San’at Complex

Siavash Golestani: Director of Warehouse Operations

B.S in Civil Engineering from Babol Nushiravani University of Technology

Ebrahim Younesi: Manager of Shiraz Branch

B.s in Mechanical Engineering from Sari Azad University

Farzan Fayyaz: Sales Manager

B.S in Industrial Engineering from Babol University of Science and Technology, M.A of Industrial Management from Damavand University

Fatemeh Mahsalari: Financial Director

B.S in Accounting from Firuzabad Azad University

Javad Akbari: Head of Isfahan Unit

M.A of Industrial Engineering from Industrial Management Organization


TPC involves in creating the highest value for all interested parties by winning more and more local and foreign markets in different fields of activity. This company aims to take a step forward to achieve these ambitious goals:
1- Using efficient and up-to-date technologies
2- Development of technical knowledge to regularly provide high quality products
3- Efforts to increase customer satisfaction
4- Increase the quantity and improve the quality of sales and after-sales service
5- Improvement of expert human resources as the most valuable capital of the organization
6- Provide the resources and infrastructure needed to respond effectively to the needs of interested parties
7- Efforts to properly manage risks, take advantage of opportunities and deal with threats
8- Effective management of distribution networks for easy access of consumers to products
9- Increase production capacity and improve variety of products in line with market requirements
10- Effective use of marketing tools to develop domestic and foreign markets
11- Improve human resource efficiency and prevent non-compliance of products to enhance competitiveness.
12- Define and follow up research projects to improve the quality of current products and introduce and develop new products
13- regular improvement of all processes through the formulation of quality objectives, conducting internal audits and holding management review meetings
14- Employee satisfaction and improvement in their motivation process
15- Establishing discipline and regular monitoring of safety indicators in the workplace
16- Production of a safe and hygienic product for the preservation of food in order to maintain the health of consumers. The implementation of food quality and safety management systems has been based on the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 22000: 2005 international standards, thereby improving its ability to deliver quality and safe products in the food chain, and believes This will ultimately increase the satisfaction of customers and other interested parties in the organization. The managing director of the company is responsible for the elaboration and publication of this policy and assures its understanding and implementation at all levels of the organization.


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Sari branch and headquarter

Sari Industrial town No. 1, 4th Km. of Babolsar road, Farah Abad road, Mazandaran, Sari

Administrative office
Phone: (009811) 33681341-2
Fax: (009811) 33681334
Sales office
Phone: (009811) 33681211-2
Fax: (009811) 33681307
Sales Specialist: ErfanHashemi
0098 9113975439

Shiraz branch

South Ebtekar St, Shiraz Industrial Town, Pol-e Fasa ring road, Fars, Shiraz

Administrative office
Phone: (009871) 37742424-5
Fax: (009871) 37742857
Sales office
Phone: (009871) 37742855-6
Fax: (009871) 37742857
Sales Specialist: Muhammad Reza Hosseini
0098 9113975438

Isfahan branch

13th bystreet, North Hafez St., Amir Kabir Blvd, Industrial Town No. 2 (Juzdan), Najaf Abad, Isfahan

Sales office
Phone: 009831 42693530-2
Fax: 009831 42693533

Tehran branch

No. 13, Shirin Alley, MoqaddasArdebili St, Zafaraniyeh, Tehran

Phone & Fax: 009821 26201751-2
Sales Specialist: Mostafa Hedayati
0098 9112478371